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“Roofing” One of CB Chandler’s Many Specialties

One of our recent projects was a roof install in the Short Pump area of Richmond, VA.  The following photos show you the steps CB Chandler Construction takes to insure a quality warrantable roofing project.  This particular roof was installed with GAF Timberline HD Shingles which features a LIFETIME warranty. Info about these shingles GAF Timberline HD Shingles.


Old roof with shrubbery & planting protection being installed


Close up of planting protection

Part of this project included the removal and enclosure of two existing skylights.  The skylights were a source of a persistent leak and the owners wanted them gone.


Old Skylight being demo’d


Installing plywood over the new framing in the old skylight openings

Once the Framing was installed we drilled several holes in the framing to allow for airflow within the cathedral ceiling framing.  This void was also insulated and covered in drywall.  We then taped and spackled the joints in preparation for paint.

New Drywall covering the old skylight openings

Back on the roof our guys were removing all existing roofing and tar paper, inspecting all existing roof sheathing and replacing any damaged or deteriorated material found.

The roof substrate ready for its new roof


At this point we cover the roof in tar paper and install all new vent caps and inspect all flashing and replace if needed.

2014.04.17 028
New tar paper, chimney flashing, vent caps and ice and water shield are installed at all eaves and penetrations. (Notice the white vent piping; this will change later)

Now that the roof is properly prepped; layout is performed to make sure the shingles are aligned properly from the beginning.

Shingle layout

At this point our crew rocks and rolls and gets the shingles installed before I can take anymore photos.

The completed roof

While all of the roofing work was taking place we also installed new PVC gable louvered vents to replace the existing rotted wood vents and we replaced all of the rotted rake boards and exterior trim.

The gable vent hole after removal of decayed vent
2014.04.17 054
Ben installing the new PVC gable vent

Before and after shots of the replaced exterior trim

removed rake board due to rot
Replaced rake board. Where was the rot again???
Ben removing and cleaning out the rotted wood on a wooden corner board
Again, can you see the repair? I hope not.
The french doors had some rotted wood as well. this shot was taken after the first step in the bondo-ing process
Some more rotted wood on the exterior french doors
The the fixed door frame
Another shot of the repaired rotten wood on the exterior french doors

If you or anyone you know needs a new roof or simply some roof repairs; please mention CB Chandler Construction.

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